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Living in an international city, Hong Kong, exposed me to friends from all over the world. Hong Kong is an interesting place where the western and eastern cultures mix, creating a very special environment.

I love to make things, especially things that are cute and interesting. It was 1994 when the first time I started to learn Chinese knotting crafts. Soon, I found that it can be something fun, practical instead of just a traditional art. So, I started to create cute items like turtles, pigs, balls, ... then, spiders and butterflies.

Chinese Knotting can be very practical, as hair accessories, pins, keychains, used in wedding as cake toppers, home decoration or as gifts! Personally, I gave many of my works as gifts when my friends got married and they love them so much!

A few years ago, I started to sell my works on eBay and now in Etsy and Artfire.

Sincerely I hope that you love my work and your support are valuable and very very important to me!!

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