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Hi! I am Mamie, and I am the backbone and creator of both MadeByMame and CityKittyStones on Etsy and MadeByMame on Artfire!

I live in beautiful downtown Seattle Washington, and work directly from my little two bedroom apartment with my software engineer boyfriend. We have two cats who love to hang out in the shop with me all day as I work and watch from the perch of their cat tree.

I started making jewelry a couple years ago, and am completely self taught. I have fallen in love with the craft, the process, and the result, and am trying to make this my full time job!

My work is very rustic, bohemian, exotic, tribal, textural organic and gypsy influenced. I am inspired by my home city and the architecture and mountains and sea I am surrounded by in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Many of my designs are organic and dark, and are deeply rooted in the natural beauty and metaphysical presence of this rainy, cloudy, but very green and lush little piece of the planet.

I take great pride in my designs and jewelry, and almost all my jewelry is one of a kind and irreplaceable. When you purchase one of my designs you are getting an artisan made, handcrafted, thoughtful piece of art and love that will last you for a very long time. If something unforeseeable does happen I am always available for my customers to be of help and hopefully repair any issues or injuries your jewelry may incur!

I am a real person, and a one woman show, as they say, and you can follow me and learn about me, my process, my pets, and my new jewelry on my different social media accounts!


Twitter: @madebymame



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Thank you so much for checking out my shop and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

-Mamie Stubbs

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