UUendysCraftyCorner's Profile

I have retired early from the corporate world and have come back to Artfire to share my crafty creations with you. I am currently working on a huge stash of yarn by making stashghans. These are One Of a Kind. Different sizes, patterns, colors, and textures. My earrings have been around for years and most are available in clip, pierced and pierced look. I have tons of craft supplies and will be introducing supplies and finished projects as my crafty mind works out creations. I hope you will enjoy what you see and include my items in you life. I have 2 elderly cats in my home. I have a smoke free environment.

I am linking my Etsy shops here so you can shop items I might not have here yet. Just let me know the item and I will move it here for purchase. Or let me know if you would like me to make something similar.

Anything that I can create that someone will enjoy.