The_Pastel_Pug's Profile

I'm a pyrography artist who loves whimical themes. Described in traditional terms, pyrography is the art of drawing with fire. I sketches my design on wood then use hot metal tips to burn the image and give depth to the piece before painting.

I created this shop because I truly believe everything in life is art. I recently quit my "real" job to pursue my passion for art full-time and couldn't be happier. My work has been featured in shops throughout the Seattle area. I participate in local Art Walks as often as possible and have recently become a staple at the world famous PIKE MARKET in downtown Seattle.

Each piece is wood burned and hand painted by me (in my living room to the rhythmic snore of my pug and the occasional meow). I use a hot metal tips to outline my designs and shade to give depth to the piece. If you have a special request please send me a message so we can work on an idea together!

Love, Chelsea

Wood watercolor acrylic wood burning basswood pine tree slice