TexasCeramics' Profile

Welcome to TexasCeramics. You never know the path life will take you. I was first introduced to the world of ceramics by my parents and never in a million years thought it would become my livelihood. Thanks to the corporate world giving me the boot it is now how I make my living. I am grateful to my parents for taking the time to share with me a craft and trade I find fulfilling and fun. My ceramic studio is located in the beautiful hill country of central Texas. It is west of Austin in the community of Spicewood in Burnet County. As a ceramicist I use many tools and mediums to create the pieces you see. I work with clay slip and block clay. My tools vary from my bare hands to plaster molds. My mediums include products that must be kiln fired to achieve the effects that you see. All ceramics I offer are made in my shop, I do not use imported bisque. The block clay and slip I use are purchased locally, as are the glazes, I use Mayco Colors and my kiln is a Cress Kiln. Not only am I ceramicist I am also a dog Mom.