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Back in the mid 1990's I saw a watch in a painters catalog that you could paint a picture in. I bought it and painted a picture of a cat looking at the clock.

About ten years later, in 2006, I was looking on eBay for seahorse plaques that I was collecting and found real dried seahorses. Wondering if they would fit I bought some, found the watch, took off the crystal and it fit! Now that I had Internet I could search for the watches.....and found them. I ordered a few, playing around with sand, seahorses and tiny sea shells I found at the beach.

Once I had the beach theme going, people started to ask me if I could do other themes. I made watches for a Teacher, Nurse, a gambler, grass hut/island theme, and for a grandma. I was on my way to making many, many watches.

In the winter 2011 I found out that the manufacturer of the watch went out of business. After many problems obtaining watches I finally met a woman on Etsy that was looking for them too. August of 2012 I started working with her and a company in China to have them made up for us. It was a long process, but I finally got my watches in March of 2013. I am now back in business and ready to create some awesome watches.

Check out my website to see a lot of the watches I have made in the past.

Watch Pen Charms seashells seahorses starfish miniatures of all kinds fabric papers beads yarn wood etc