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I am a full-time painter, Over 15 years of painting experience. Creative allows me to express myself in a way that feels genuine. I have always explored how the arts can affect and enhance a person’s life.

I started my art since 1998,i do the portrait painting match unique requirement of each customer,they told us their unique ideas for painting,i appreciate them to improve my skill for painting.I grew up in a family that valued the art. When i find out people that they love hang the portrait in their room, I delved into the portrait painting immediately,they just send us one images,i will do a beautiful unique portrait painting for them,It is so simple and easy. I start research all kinds of portrait since 2005,such as pet portrait,house portrait,landscape portrait and etc,some customer like to customer the portrait for their pet,house etc,i hard to paint to try more skill for my painting,Now,i am a member of portrait oil painting society.

I like Van Gogh and Rembrandt,both of them are the great artist,i often research their skill.Let professional portrait painting for you with a high quality 100% hand painted custom service, corporate, academic or government portrait painting to hang in boardroom, your office ,your bedroom,your living room and etc. An oil portrait painting of your loved one or pet painted from photograph by artist is a special gift for birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary and special occasions. Imagine! Now you can have a Magnificent true-to-life oil portrait painting of you or someone dear to you created just for you - at a fraction of price done by creative. It will become a family heirloom - handed down from generation to generation.

Art experience: 2007 captured Huang City "half landscape painting 50mx12m Massachusetts ; "Quaternary" panoramic painting of 40mx4m New York Museum exhibition in 2008; In 2009 the "clean strength of character" the painting 3'60mx1'80m; landscape painting 33mx12m the USA history collections; 2011 appeared in the "glorious journey times - Teenager Art Exhibition" Art Museum; "To" painting 1'80x1'80 appeared in the "Red Tour National Tour" won the Silver Award; Selected in California The blood girl "painting 1'80x1'80 selected for the Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition of Shikoku in Japan and South Korea and Hungary; If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Phone number:1-978-421-5091

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