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The desire to create works of art has always been a long driving force within my heart since I was very young. From painting, writing, and photography to jewelry. I love losing myself into the creative process. A way for me to be in the flow—the moment, the now, the present state of creation. Focused, devoted, and committed to the joys of what I create. And I want to create with purpose. I want my creations to help bring some joy, luck, positivity, and higher vibrations into a person’s life. To feel and experience the magic in which a piece of my jewelry can bring.

We all need a little extra help sometimes to get our energies vibrating a bit more vibrant, if we choose to allow for those energies. Certain stones and crystals can be fast acting bringing discomfort, while others are more gentle and soothing. Choose what you feel speaks to you.

I’m a strong believer in making conscious choices to raise vibrations and awareness. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Start simple.

Copper has many physical and spiritual benefits, as it works well in conducting energy, cleansing and clearing, detoxifying, and even helps with blood circulation and arthritis/bone issues. It’s stabilizing and grounding. Many spiritual teachers often recommends copper for those on the spiritual path because of its grounding ability—so you can still function on the physical plane as your crown chakra opens itself to receive wisdom and intelligence from higher dimensional planes or from Akashi/space/ether. I wish I had known this early on in life.

Though I wore gold primarily throughout childhood, and of course a very powerful amulet of luck and protection—I still feel copper is more grounding—especially if you have a lot of “air” quality in your energetic system, often “lost in space” or “head in the clouds.”

May you feel the magic radiating within you, out from you to others.

With Love and light. ❤️


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