MonongahelaManufacturing's Profile

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. For some people, it’s golf. For Frank Martin, founder and principal of Monongahela Manufacturing, its spending time in the shop. Spending time in the shop doesn’t mean just sitting there; it means creating something unique and purposeful. Through a process of design, adaptation, and experimentation, Frank devotes his time to making customized, functional furniture to share with the community he loves.

What began as a passion project, evolved into Monongahela Manufacturing: the result of a fertile imagination, a Pittsburgh work ethic, and the ongoing support and appreciation of customers. The inspiration for our work is the industrial heritage here in southwestern Pennsylvania. Like the local spirit, our work is strong and robust. It is not beautiful, elegant, or refined in any traditional sense, but it bears the rugged character of the steelworker. It is 100% Mon Valley.

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