MelindasAtticJewels' Profile

I started making jewelry to help me out of a bout of depression (along with doctors, medications, etc) and honestly, I don't remember a time when I didn't crochet or create SOMEthing...

I''ve always been interested in crafts, jewelry-making, crocheting, weaving, drawing and photography, to name a few. I LOVE color and enjoy finding new ways to incorporate unusual color combinations into my pieces.

Making ANYthing with your own two hands is always a fulfilling experience~ I encourage anyone who enjoys this page to try it themselves! As to the photographs... it helps tremendously that I have a daughter who has been collecting rocks and shells most of her life. (Thanks Martha ♥)

And there is always the added bonus of always having a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion!

Glass Beads Crystal Beads Howlite Beads Angel Wing Beads Aurora Borealis Beads Seedbeads Silver & Gold & Copper & Rose Gold Findings Soft Yarns Unusual Yarns Chunky Yarns Lots of Color!