LoisUniqueCustomKreations' Profile

A hobby has become a passion! That passion is making rosaries, as well as, unique & custom religious jewelry. I work with Handmade Beads, Beading, Glass, Wire, Acrylic, Paper, Gemstone, Metal, Found Art, Repurposing and ... more. Creating beautiful and interesting pieces and then sharing them with customers is a great joy in my life.

Early on my husband looked at the name of my business and questioned the use of the "K" to begin the word--creations. I explained that the "K" had to do with luck, and thus my business name--Lois' Unique Custom Kreations=LUCK. Luck is where opportunity and preparation come together. I thank God, for leading me to this wonderful task of designing and making "Kreations" from beads, crystals, stones, metal and other bits & pieces. Lois Anderson, Rosary Doctor

Rosaries, Chaplets, Religious Jewelry, & Devotionals.

Rosaries from the Whimsical & Eccentric to the Elegant & Sophisticated.

Design beading stringing resin wire work found objects hand-crafted glass beads hand-crafted paper beads hand-crafted metal etched pendants fused glass melted art using embossing medium and silver smithing.