LAJewelryDesigns' Profile

I had been making jewelry for many years and would often find myself wishing I had a particular bead. So when I found out about a beginner lampwork class at the local art league I jumped on it and was immediately hooked. I've never looked back.

While I still make the occasional piece(s) of jewelry, my focus is on making beads. I get inspiration mostly from nature; ocean, sand, beach, flowers, etc. It's such joy to open the kiln in the morning to see the finished beads from the day before.

It is my hope that my beads will inspire your creativity in your jewelry.

IN THE PRESS I've had the honor of having my work published in the following publications:

Winter 2016 The Flow, Women in Glass
Winter 2015 The Flow, Women in Glass
Winter 2014 The Flow, Women in Glass
Winter 2013 The Flow, Women in Glass
March 2013 Spotlight Artist
Winter 2012 The Flow, Women in Glass
Cover of March 2012 Bead Trends
Winter 2011 The Flow, Women in Glass
December 2010 Bead Trends
2010 Glass Bead Calendar
September 10, 2009 JewelryandBeaders' Artist Spotlight
May 2008 Softflex Spotlight Designer of the Month
March/April 2008 Bead Trends
November/December 2007 Bead Trends
September/October 2007 Belle Armoire
June 2007 Bead and Button

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