KatsAllThat's Profile

My love of gemstones began a many years ago. I started collecting, learning and growing to love the absolute beauty mother earth creates. I have a special fondness for natural agates and jaspers. In 2007 I ventured into making my own jewelry and began selling in 2008. I have worked in the healthcare industry, the business side, for 34 years. I live in historic Temecula Valley with it's charming vineyards. The name KatsAllThat actually came from one of my cats, Munchie. Munchie loved the beads as much as I do and you could often find him nosing around my beading supplies and pulling at the beads. We lost our darling Munchie in May 2010. I love to rescue older cats as they tend to be the ones that are so hard to adopt out. In July 2012 I lost my other beautiful boy Buddy who was 13 years old. I now have a 12 year old orange tabby that I rescued in 2010. Our charming Chumley. Mother of 1 son, Grandmother of 3 beautiful girls and 1 handsome grandson, my family are my heart and soul. There is nothing like being a grandmother. There is such a special bond between me and my four darlings. My son Keith is my heart and my daughter-in-law Jodi is a true light in our lives. I have a wonderful partner named Sam of 30+ years. Yep, it's a long time but he has always been a big moral support to me in my jewelry endeavors. He even loves to go to the gem shows with me and never a complaint even when hours are spent there. I believe that is his artistic side as he is an artist in abstract watercolors and sculptures. I love being able to share the pieces I make with my friends and family. Please browse my shop and send me comments even if you do not purchase. I love to hear what people think!!