IstanbulLeather's Profile

Hi! Onur here. I am designing leather products for the cutting edge technology mobile devices and accessories. With Bouletta, we strive to archive highest customer satisfaction so please reach out any requests or ideas you might have, we are always open to new ideas and designs.

Passion is as a result of inspiration from various things that gives one the urge or drive to do something they value, love and uphold. In my case, my passion for design grew as a result of being a family heritage that has been passed down to generation. Having been brought up among craftsmen and artisans, there was no better way and environment to stir up the desire for design in me.

Leather as we know, when made into various products has a characteristic appeal added to quality properties that makes it a favorite amongst many individuals. That being said and done, I am no exemption since I combine the aspects of durability and style.

The city of Dublin where I live is another source of inspiration for me in relation to design works. This city is comprised of diversities in various aspects and ancient antiques that act as the drive for imagination and creativity in most of my designing works. Coming up with a design on leather that will stand out and be appreciated, takes more than preparing the best masterpiece - passion is the extra ingredient that is required to achieve this.