Geeta_Arya_Paintings' Profile

I'm an intuitive artist specializing in creating portraits of angels and devas. I have been painting since the age of four. I was 10 when I created my first portrait in pastels. A few years ago, I was reintroduced to the angelic plane after a traumatic experience, and since then, I have grown as a person and artist. It is actually very common for us all to see angels. So, please don't be surprised when I say I can do it easily and so can you. I simply have the added skill of painting them as I see them. As an intuitive artist, creating an angelic painting simply puts me in touch with the loving energy of angels and devas and allows this lovely energy to flow into and manifest as a painting; which carries my intention of bringing love and blessings where ever it is placed. I hope you will enjoy browsing through these beautiful creations.

Oils acrylics charcoal