Hello, my name is Eva, I am an Interior Designer also a passionate part time florist. I believe bouquet can do magic, whether as a gift or as a decoration, it creates joy and happiness.

We all know flowers have limited lifetime, I enjoy preserving beautiful flowers, I love flowers that are naturally dried, which give them a second life with different appearances. Sometimes, they look more beautiful when they are dehydrated, the rustic sense that they create is unique.

My dream is to open a florist garden café and have my own little studio for my flower’s creation.

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IG: elcraftsnarts

I love naturally dried flower as they have  different appearances throughout the dehydration process and sometime can be exciting to see the changes. Don't you think they look more beautiful when they are dehydrated? The rustic sense that they create are unique which I believe this special sense can not to created by fresh or silk flowers.