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I am enrolled in the United Cherokee Aniyunwiya Nation a small state recognized tribes of approx 1,500 people. My Family traces our heritage to the Hester roll, we also have more Native and Scottish relatives back in the 1700's. The Vann Family was caught in the middle of the Fur trade towards the end of the Powhatan Confederacy. I have been making my native crafts since the age of 9. Obtaining rites slow and steady to do the work I do. I am Adopted Lakota and spend a lot of my time researching family history and ever curious I am always seeking traditional knowledge to share with others along the way. Culture is often complex, being multicultural is also deeply complex. I identify as Native and Gael to encompass all of my clans and leave those doors open to both of my cultures. The best we can do is navigate through the difficult waters and learn to sail our ships till calmer tides. I am Cherokee and Powhatan, Clan Crawford, Clan Fraser and Clan Campbell by blood, yet was raised Lakota, I am adopted Lakota and my work reflects all of my ancestors. I am lucky to have had the teachers and community I have had. I started this business when I was 18 years old, some things have changed, other things have not. I am related to the CrawfordJohn line of Crawfords. I can trace my ancestry back to the 10th Century. I participate in Highland Dance, Pow wow, Storytelling and proudly took 1st place at Bonnie Knees at the 20th Treasure Valley Highland games here in Idaho, Sept 2017. I have active voting rights within the clan and I bear arms. I am also a member of the Clan Fraser of Lovat. I am currently learning how to play the bagpipes and taking Scottish Gaelic language lessons through the Atlantic Gaidhlig Academy. The arms I carry through my Clan Crawford Association are recognized here in the United States but not registered with Lord Lyon. I started this site to break away from my old site that was solely focusing on the Native side of my heritage, now I am free to create art as I feel. I started doing taxidermy since I was 18. I took an apprenticeship in Horseshoe Bend through Kit Smith. After many hours I opened my own business. At 32 this year that is over 14 years experience, for my crafts even longer. Your items are professionally cleaned and processed by a professional Taxidermist. (Idaho license #288942516)

You can rest assured that only the choice hides and ethically sourced hides are used. No Fur industry hides are used. It is imperative that my business contributes to conservation. By using hunted hides all funds trickle back into permits and licensing from Idaho Fish and Game which promotes healthy and well managed forests. Taxes don't pay for conservation... Hunting/fishing/trapping licenses and tags do! By eating domestic cattle you feed the industry that is responsible for most green house gasses, but also the destruction of valuable forests to create more grazing grass for the commercial meat industry. I donate and share my crafts to my local community, my tribe, and I set aside all scraps and craft materials and ship it to various prisons across the country for their Native yards to have craft supplies.

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