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Glass in the Garage

I've been so fortunate to have always had a dedicated space for working with glass. Living in Hawaii, that's more of an issue than one might think. For nearly two decades, that space has been our garage / studio in Kane'ohe, Hawaii.

We still park one car in the garage. That is mostly due to a dear neighbor who helped me maximize my work area while keeping it flexible and safe (he used to work for OSHA). My first big project, a church window that was comprised of 6 panels measuring 6' x 3' put my work area through its paces and it preformed admirably well. Though it's not the biggest space, having my studio right in the garage has allowed me to work whenever time allowed or inspiration struck. When our children were young, they could hang out with me (at a safe distance) and I could be part of their neighborhood gallivants. When they got older, they both spent time in the garage / studio as artists in their own right either painting, working with glass or any other medium that appealed.

In Hawaii, the garage is often the point of entry into someone's home. Having my studio there means that neighbors, several of whom are also artists, often stop by to see what I'm doing or just to chat. The openness of the garage / studio gives our neighborhood sort of an artist's colony feel that energizes me when I need a boost.

Some days it feels very small and hectic but usually a thorough putting-away-of-things restores the equilibrium that my garage / studio gives me. I love working there and my family always knows where to find me.

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