CandleholicShop's Profile

In November 2019, the founder of Candleholic Shop, Natalia started cutting the bottles with a string, methylated spirit and iced water to create a thermal shock. An arduous but effective method that soon got friends asking for more.

She embarked on a mission to collect empty liquor bottles from restaurants around New York. In a creative reimagining of recycling, she created beautiful pieces from salvaged materials.

By January 2020 Natalia opened online store. Hopefully, much more is going to come while the business growing.

When you refuse to reuse its's our Earth you abuse! Eat. Drink. Recycle. And enjoy beautiful candles! With every purchase you save a bottle from our landfills. We use only eco friendly ingredients. Phthalate Free. Cruelty Free. Sustainable wax. 100% cotton wicks.