BigWhiteDogCeramics' Profile

I trained and bred horses for 35+ years. My Passion was starting and working with young horses. I took up throwing pottery in 2007. It was a natural move for me to incorporate my love of animals with my love of working with clay. Working with clay and training young horses has one big thing in common. Dirt. With one you occasionally kiss it and the other you are constantly feeling it. I have retired from full time training now so I have dedicated myself to just feeling it. We still have the farm, 6 retired horses, 3 old dogs, weed eating goats and egg laying chickens but my time has freed up considerably. All of my ceramic pieces are hand made, hand glazed and hand set. If I use a mold, I have made the mold. Each piece is unique. I pick the wild flowers on the farm and dry them for the pieces I set in epoxy resin.

I will do special commissions but I need quite a bit of lead time. Clay takes time to become a finished piece and I must run the kiln full for economical reasons. My favorite animals are horses and dogs but I have done goats, chickens and many types of other birds. I'll do any animal if you have good pictures and stories to describe their personality. If you have a special animal friend you would like on a plate, bowl or ornament contact me at Be specific with your email subject.

Check out my website for more information and videos.

Clay Ceramic glaze