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Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday. One day, I was making jewelry, I started thinking about Christmas and decorating for the holiday. As I sat down at my crafting table, I was looking at the beaded tree I made from a kit years ago. I wondered if I could make one. After many hours of trial and error, I had branches made that could hold ornaments. The tree sitting on the table still looked bare. I put on a few of the beaded ornaments I made. The tree just was not finished. A Christmas tree just has to be decorated with lights, garland and ornaments. The finishing touch is having a beaded topper, presents, toys and figurines made out of beads. These trees take me about 100 hours from start to finish. I have had many requests for my beaded trees to be made with a certain color, like red, gold silver, white and coordinating decoration for the tree. I have made it one step easier, all you have to do is take the tree out of the box, turn on the lights and place where you want. You can enjoy the tree for just the season or the whole year. They are perfect for small places, like a dorm room, office space and even a small apartment. I have had many requests on making different trees for other Holidays as Valentines, Easter, Halloween 4th of July and even for their favorite football team (yes for a sports team). I truly love making these trees, not one tree is like the other. I also have had requests for simple beaded flowers with lights and center pieces for all occasions. I am working on beaded wreaths for all occasions too.

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