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About ArtFire

ArtFire is an e-commerce solution that connects buyers and sellers of handmade and vintage goods as well as digital arts and craft supplies. ArtFire provides sellers all the benefits of a venue while offering the customization, control and features of a personal website. Our members are free to link to their other profiles on the web, including other selling venues, because we do not believe in limiting what our members do with their studios. Add in best-in-class selling, promotional, and learning tools and you have the most powerful artist-focused site on the web.

ArtFire is pioneering a process we've termed Community Directed Development to put our company leaders and developers in direct interaction with our community of artisans. We use their feedback and open discourse to build a site in real time. By using this feedback, we can innovate quickly by building new tools and guiding the site in a direction that best serves our community's interests.

Our Story

ArtFire's story starts with our founder, John Jacobs. His story is best told in his own words:

"I grew up in a family of crafters; both my mother and father ran a jewelry supply business that had our family traveling around the country to craft shows just trying to make a living. In 1999 the internet provided my parents the opportunity to move their business off the road and sell their supplies on eBay. After I got out of the military (Air Force), I started several companies, one of which was a jewelry supply company which continued my family's tradition

My wife and I started and became triple titanium power sellers on Ebay within several years selling beads and jewelry making supplies; along the way I learned some powerful lessons about how to choose a marketplace and what can happen when a venue puts share holders first and opts for profits over service to customers.

My inspiration behind ArtFire came as I watched how my customers, independent jewelry makers, were being treated by eBay. I grew tired as I watched the arbitrary ways that eBay and other venues handled their customers, not treating them as business partners. I noticed what seemed to be a "tax" on creativity with insertion/final value fees. I thought there should be a better option, a selling venue that treated its members with respect and recognized them as business partners. I founded ArtFire because, as a seller myself, I never found a venue that understood its role was to SERVE its members."

You can meet the rest of the ArtFire team by visiting our staff page.

ArtFire went into open beta in November 2008, since then we have experienced rapid growth at a rate of 2600%, and we are still growing. Our company's core principles are based on providing the best e-commerce tools we can for our customers and supporting them with unmatched customer service.